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Struggling with Toenail Fungus? We Can Help

If you’re having trouble getting a fungal toenail infection under control, it might be time to see a doctor.

Fungus is all around us, often thriving in moist, warm environments like your gym locker room or the local pool. This can lead many people to develop fungal toenails, a condition that isn’t as easy to treat as it might initially seem. When you’ve exhausted all at-home care and treatment options, then it might be time to consult with the podiatrists here at Podiatry Services of CNY, PC, in Syracuse, NY.

When to See a Podiatrist

If you notice any thickening, discoloration, or brittleness in one or more toenails, then it’s time to see a podiatrist who can figure out what’s going on. Unfortunately, toenail fungus often goes ignored for a long time until symptoms progress enough to change the color or quality of the nail. By the time the nail has become deformed, the fungus has already done quite a bit of permanent damage. This is why coming into our Syracuse podiatry practice is a good idea if you suspect that you might have the condition.

Treating Toenail Fungal Infections

Most healthy individuals may attempt to treat the infection with over-the-counter remedies. Unfortunately, these creams and ointments don’t penetrate through the nail, leaving the fungus only partially treated. This is why many patients end up turning to our practice to get oral fungal medication. This medication works systemically to kill the infection.

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Don’t let a toenail fungus keep you from feeling confident in your feet. Get rid of your infection and sport clear, healthy nails for the summer. Call Podiatry Services of CNY in Syracuse, NY, today at (315) 458-1777 to learn more about fungal laser therapy and whether you’re a good candidate for treatment.