With 12 locations and 7podiatrists we can see you the same day for many common problems such as ingrown toenails, heel pain,joint pain,sprains, fractures, infections.Be assured that we can start you on the road to recovery promptly and that we participate with nearly all insurance carriers.

Welcome to Podiatry Services of CNY, PC

At Podiatry Services of CNY, PC, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed patients in a comfortable and convenient setting. We offer multiple locations throughout Central New York and have providers available to care for the most simple to the most complex foot and ankle problems. Popular services include bunion, ingrown toenail treatments, and plantar fasciitis treatments.

New-We now have in office diagnostic ultrasound which allows us a real time exam and in many instances saves the cost and inconvenience of an MRI. 

High Quality, Efficient, Experienced Care
At Podiatry Services of CNY we value all of our patients and their time. Our podiatrists have over 100 years of combined experience and  we are always looking for new ways to provide the best care to our patients as efficiently as we are able. 

Same Day and Next Day Appointments are Usually Available
With multiple location and provider options we can usually see you the same day or the next day, based on availability. If your injury, infection, or pain can't wait, call us!

On-Site X-Ray and Durable Medical Equipment
Each of our locations is equipped with X-Ray equipment and we carry a full line of crutches, braces, and splints to manage your pain or injury. We can take, process, and interpret X-Rays during your appointment. And if you need a brace or crutches to help get around, you'll be able to take that right home with you.

Full Service Diabetic Shoes,  Orthopedic Shoes, Braces, and Orthotics
Our podiatrists and staff can recommend, fit, and dispense a wide selection of Diabetic Shoes under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. We can also provide Orthopedic Shoes and Custom Molded shoes for the difficult to fit patient. And, we provide custom molded Braces such as AFO and Arizona Brace, as well as prescription orthotics.

Informed Patients
Podiatry Services of CNY, PC believes that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being. That is why we've included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with podiatry and podiatric diagnoses and treatments. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your feet.

Comfortable, Convenient Setting
The best care in the world doesn't mean anything if you can't access it. At Podiatry Services of CNY, we strive to make our office locations as efficient and convenient as possible. Included in these web pages is information about Podiatry Services of CNY offices, including maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling. 

We hope you find this web site useful and invite you to contact us with your questions at any time.